there is always a diamond inside us. we just need to believe it is there

waiting to be nurture, polish and shine

if you believe, it will reveal to you

and it will glow with your tender loving care

the glow will radiate outward and touch everyone around you

bringing hope, happiness, health and harmony

for this day we are given

we give the best to the people and world around us :)

4th October 2010 9:35am
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OAAD - 120110 - Believe

Attended few lectures last week on leadershiip and motivation. I am greatly inspired to see how life of ordinary people being transformed into very successful leader and in the process also make them alot of money.

As I was trying to absorb as much as I can during the lecture, I kind of summarize it to one very vital point that all these successful people had in common. The vital point is that they choose to Believe. They Believe they can do well, they can overcome all obstacles and emerged out of the pit.

Believe is a double edged sword. If you believe it is impossible to achieve a dream, it will sure help you to make it real. At the same time, if you believe it can be done, you will find all the solution required to reach that dream. So rather to Believe I can't which will not bring any positive impact, why not choose to Believe I CAN ! And the impact of it will bring positive changes to our life.

As we start off this week, just remember this simple one liner Believe - If I think I can, I can !

I wish us all well this week and keep ourself busy by being happy :)


Singapore Men's Chorus

Singapore Men's Chorus upcoming concert will be on the 24th October. I have 6 free tickets and will be happy to pass to anyone that will like to attend it. Please act now as tickets are on a first come first serve basis. Details of the concert as follows :

edited : no more (2015hrs 15/10) -> see you guys there :ppp


Hair for Hope 2009 - 5th July 2009

Hi guys,

please click on the above link to support my action to shave bald to support the children cancer foundation this coming sunday at Velocity. i will also take this opportunity to dedicate this action to the speedy recovery for my mum.

just share with you a chinese appeal sms penned by my senior. Who says old people are boring and it put a smile on my face reading it.

yours sincerely,


好消息。昨天大伟龚来电,他要在7月5日中午12点至7点,在Novena Square广场当众剃去三千烦恼丝,遁入空门,唱禅院钟声。从此戒色、酒、山珍野味,请不要介绍美女给他。一为筹钱做慈善,二为解除烦恼。希望大家出钱支持他这项冲动。详情请看电邮联络大伟龚。

Hair for Hope 2009

BH and I decided to sign up the Hair for Hope 2009 event to support the Children Cancer Fund (CCF).

We are quite conscious that people will ask why we are bald when meeting our customers after the event.

That's more why we want to do it so we can raise the awareness for CCF. Please support our action,

by donating generously and if you can, please come down to give us and the event your moral support.

Link to our online pledge page :

Dave :

BH :

Yours Sincerely,


Scary thoughts

While relating to my friend that my bad cholesterol is double than normal. He gave me a bad shocker. He ask me to imagine that if I had a stroke or high blood pressure or diabetes. I won't able to enjoy life and also the sickness can follow me for a long time. that really scare the shit out of me. So if you see me binge eating or drinking. Stop me. I will be grateful to you :)

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another nice piece by Kitaro. The music touches the inner most of the heart.

my sincere wish to you my friends, that you will be happy everyday. and the

joy will be from your heart and radiate outwards to your face to be a smile

and bringing it back to the heart to enrich it further. let's not count our

unhappiness but the blessing we already had.


Calling Calling

wei wei ... over over ... moshi moshi ... can you hear me ... blurb blurb .....

Mother earth is calling ... and she is suffering ... let's do our bit for her tomorrow

and for the rest of our life.